Are you planning an exciting trip?

Visit us and get a personalised up-to-date medical advice for your itinerary when travelling to Africa, Asia, the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East, Oceania or South America.   



Welcome to Torbay Travel Clinic

We are passionate about getting you ready for your travels ensuring your health and safety.  

Our dedicated team is headed by Dr Jess Joung

who is an accredited IHR  & Yellow Fever Vaccinator and a committee member of NZ Travel Medicine Society.

We tailor your travel medical needs depending on your itinerary, medical conditions and recent outbreaks in the destinations you are traveling to.

We aim to avoid unnecessary vaccinations to keep costs down 

We aim to  provide a one stop travel clinic including;


  • Travel vaccinations

  • Yellow Fever assessment

  • Malaria tablets

  • Customised or Standard Medical Kits

  • Travel Stockings 

  • Water purification advice

  • DEET Insect Repellent

  • Permethrin Mosquito nets



Before You Travel

  • In your consultation we will review your itinerary/risk profile and advice you on required vaccines ,anti-malarial and travel medical kits

  • Plan for other risks you may face in your travels depending on your medical conditions. 

  • We will give you tips on safe travelling

  • We will also provide medications for traveller's diarrhoea and antibiotics (taking into account rising resistance in some locations) 

  • Give you tips on how to reduce jet-lag

  • We can supply you with First Aid Kits for your trip

During Your Travels

  • You can email us for non urgent medical concerns whilst travelling

After Your Travels

  • We would love to hear about your fantastic trip

  • Medical assessments of any concerns regarding infection or disease exposure

  • Follow up if you have been ill whilst away

Yellow fever accredited

(International Certificate Of Vaccination & Prophylaxis)


Tel: 08001TRAVEL

email: torbaytravelclinic@gmail.com


(Within Torbay Medical Centre)

1042 Beach Rd, Torbay, Auckland

Opening Hours:Mon- Fri   8.00am - 6.00pm

Give us a call to arrange an appointment
We look forward to planning your trip with you.